Why Personal Development?

personal developmentTo my regular readers – this is not my typical blog format. I’d love to hear what you think about the ‘more personal’ approach. I tend to share in the same format that I learn, which is very matter of fact, give me the important stuff and I’ll pull what I need from it. I’m learning that others want to know the person, look for more personal, and so I’m just being real with this one – as personal development is a passion of mine and this is the perfect opportunity. To my new readers – please read some other stuff and share your thoughts as well.

I’m taking time to work on personal development. For me, this may mean reading, watching a webinar, listening to a call, or even doing some reflection. The number one reason for personal development is just that, personal. You need to know yourself as a person, you need to understand your desires, you need to know where you are headed, you need to be able to pursue your vision and all of this causes the need for personal development. If you are in a business and you wish to lead others, you simply cannot lead others until you understand yourself.

I can promise you, someone will hurt your feelings, someone will have a different idea of business than you, someone is going to be more successful than you, someone is going to make more money than you and if your first reaction is one of jealousy or that should be me, then that alone shows you why personal development should be your number one goal.

Did you know that the best way to reach your dreams and goals in network marketing lies in helping others to reach their goals? Seems counter-intuitive, right? If you are a selfish person, network marketing is not for you. You must have a desire to serve others, to fill a need, to build others up, and to inspire. I know, it’s tough. I’m reminded of this daily.

Having a business where my customers depend on me, having a team that I can support is a great tool of accountability for me. It motivates me to focus on personal development. Those feelings that I get or experience, are a reflection of what is within me and these are the things I strive to understand. Writing is personal development for me as well. I enjoy writing and it allows me to be honest with myself and just let the words flow. I am a very messy writer, and just like to get my thoughts out prior to putting it in an order or format that may make sense to my reader.

I have not felt like writing – it’s been gloomy and rainy. I must make a choice – I made a choice to go see a friend and I ran into my customers and team members there. I would not have had the opportunity to connect with them otherwise. Now when it comes time to write – and I’m just feeling overwhelmed – what do I feel like writing, what value can I provide…Then, I get this message – “I think you are a fabulous writer (blogger). I enjoy reading your blogs!!!! No seriously! I look forward to them! You are so passionate and wise!!” Um, hello renewed motivation! A team member sent me that. From the same team that inspired me to begin this journey – a team that made me realize that my passion is in helping others. A passion that has turned into this blog that can help anyone in their business and I can now reach more than just my team.

I cannot tell you what personal development will be good for you, but I would encourage you to find what you like. I tend to like to read, but webinars are becoming a favorite as well for when I’m at the computer and can just fill my head with inspiration. Sometimes I may not even be ‘listening’, but I can promise you that I hear what I need to as something will spark my attention and rewind/replay is my friend.

Personal Development

Here are three simple reasons why I believe you should focus on personal development:

  1. Know yourself
    • You need to be authentic. You will attract the right people to you when you are. People say ‘fake it until you make it’, but that’s not my style. I am honest, to a fault, and I know what I want, share honest feelings and opinions, and not everyone is okay with that. I’m not a hand-holder and I do not pretend to be.
  2. Cultivate an optimistic mindset
    • Be sure to keep rich social relationships with others – those that are smarter, those that inspire you, those that have values aligned with you.
    • They say you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with – so, where are your life and goals headed?
  3. Pursue meaningful life goals
    • Do you dream big? Do you know what you want in life – the ‘bigger’ picture?
    • Don’t settle for average, don’t settle for the standard American dream, don’t settle about any of it – it’s your life.

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