visionVision is what drives you in your business. You know: the big picture, the long term goal, and what keeps you from quitting. If you can get your vision, everything else will fall into place. The things you never think about will never come about, so be sure to create your vision.

I am not sure what my turning point was to learn outside of my organization and think ‘bigger’, but it has helped me tremendously in my personal development and my business. I thought the greatest thing ever was hearing “Your why should be big enough to make you cry” and “When you can look your why in the face and tell them they are not worth it, then you can quit”. Serious stuff, right? It made sense to me, but the positive person in me thought that was pretty negative and detrimental sounding.

The first time I heard Ray Higdon speak on vision, it resonated with me. I had never understood vision or dream boarding before until he painted the picture in my head.


So, what is your vision? What do you see? It could totally be related to your why and your dream board, but the difference is to actually visualize it and put feelings and emotion to it. Is your vision a new dream house? Take it a step further: what will the inside of your house smell like, how will it make you feel, what kind of welcome mat are you going to have, what shape are the door knobs, how does the pool feel and sound?See the difference? Not that you want a new house, but envision yourself IN your new house and how it makes you feel. Maybe you want a car: where will you drive it first, who will see you in this car, how does it handle, how does it make you feel. A great one is to be able to quit your job: how will you spend your day? Want to retire your husband? What will he do on Thursday’s at 11am? Yes, that specific. Visualize!

Lack of Vision

If you have been ‘where you are’ for any length of time, the you are holding onto something. The best way to stay stuck where you are it is to continue to serve yourself non-serving statements.

  • You don’t understand…
  • That’s easy for him/her to say…
  • If I…
  • It isn’t working…
  • I don’t have the money…

Money is a magnifier, whether good or bad.

If you have had troubles in life and a story to share, then it is your duty to succeed. Use the excuses you are making about where you grew up, your bad childhood, your lack of education, etc to reach others that need to hear your story. It’s not an excuse, it is YOU. You are worth your success.

You need to have a vision because your goals are not enough. They do not keep you going and they will not help you on the tough days. Couple all of these things: your why, your dreams, your goals – with your vision to become who you want to be. Your pain will push you until a vision pulls you. Without a vision, you will not stick to a daily routine.

Quitting never speeds anything up. If you have been a quitter in the past, now is the time to choose differently. Change your life!

Leslie McKerchie

Leslie McKerchie

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