Powerful Thoughts

powerful thoughtsIn case you haven’t noticed, I am very passionate about your powerful thoughts. In the Negative Self Talk blog post, I explained:

Your thoughts create your emotions, your emotions drive your actions, your actions create your habits, and your habits are your life. This is your core belief system.

Our individual beliefs hold us back and our beliefs originate from those thoughts that we have accepted as true.

A great read on this subject is, Think Your Way to the Life You Want. I have read and highlighted this book and reference it often, so I thought I would share some of what is important to me.

Powerful Thoughts

I do not pretend to hide the fact that I typically know, almost immediately, whether I like someone or not. I will also say, that to date, I have never been wrong. Have you ever noticed that you feel more comfortable with some people than others almost immediately? You are sensing their energy fields. The ones you feel most comfortable with, you will most likely have similar beliefs. Always trust these feelings!

You may think that your thoughts are ‘in your head’, but really your thoughts are a wave of energy called a thoughtform (bear with me here). There is so much information vibrating all around us that we are not aware because we are limited to our specific range of frequency.

What if your thoughtform had a mission – which is to fulfill the intent of the thought and carry out the thinker’s desires or intentions?

  • Have you ever had someone say to you, “Watch what you wish for; you’re liable to get it”?
  • Have you ever had the same thought, at exactly the same time, as someone close to you?
  • Have people ever accused you of reading their minds?
  • Have people in your life that you feel “tuned in” to?

Some individuals are very sensitive to picking up thought-form vibrations. If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are probably one of them.

Powerful Thoughts – Focus

What you put your attention on strengthens and/or expands in your life. Our attention is backed by the intent of our beliefs and creates what we experience as our lives. If you keep your attention focused on something positive, then good things begin to happen. This is the real reason for goal setting – it is the mental focus that helps you achieve your goals. Your focus is actually strengthening the thoughtform that you have expressed as your goal. Your inner power is the power of self-confidence and self-esteem.

We all have our own truths. Truth belongs to the believer. If you find yourself trying to convince someone about something you believe, ask yourself if you really believe it. Needing to convince someone else about your truth would imply that you doubt your own belief. When you really believe something there is no doubt.

Many of us live lives of tolerance without even recognizing it – until that seed inside can be ignored no longer. It finally erupts, forcing us to go exploring, so we can find out and experience who we really are.

Remember when we talked about having a vision? No one can ever go beyond the self-image he or she holds. Beliefs determine your experience, so if you can’t see yourself doing it or being it, forget it. It won’t happen. On the other hand, if you can hold onto the dream and clear out the limiting beliefs that say you can’t, it’s yours.

If you desire more money, focus on how to obtain more – not on the fact that you don’t have enough.

Powerful Thoughts – Beliefs

We experience our limiting beliefs by seeing in others what we are not seeing or what we refuse to accept about ourselves. Next time you feel critical of someone, reflect back and see if you are not in some way, identifying with a trait in yourself that you don’t like or haven’t accepted. Judgements are tied to beliefs.

When you judge, there is an aspect of your personality that you haven’t accepted. It’s probably related to not feeling smart enough or maybe feeling inadequate about not having a degree or some acceptable (to you) level of credentials or training. If you felt good about yourself, another person’s behavior would not affect you. That’s the mirror,  it reflects back to you information that allows you to learn more about yourself. Say this: If this is what I believe about the person, what does that say about me?

Let’s say that you uncovered the limiting belief “Nothing ever works for me.” First, put your full concentration on that belief and then say to yourself slowly and deliberately, either mentally or verbally, “I have the belief ‘Nothing works for me’,  and a I choose to remove it from my belief system because it limits me.” That’s all it takes. To replace it, just choose a new one. I choose to replace it with, “Everything that I do works out for my best interest”.

Use every experience you encounter as a reflection of your belief system. Pay close attention to experiences that are highly charged with emotion. You need to look in the mirror to understand your ‘reaction’. If you get your button pushed, the situation says something about you, and you react. You are reacting to something you feel insecure about or don’t like about yourself. While you work on discovering what that is, here is the secret to staying calm: when you begin to react, say “That says nothing about me”. By depersonalizing a situation you can remain energetically connected and emotionally detached.

Powerful Thoughts – Appreciation

When we feel good, there isn’t much more that we desire. Our energy is positive and light, and we attract more positive situations, circumstances, and events into our life. Life seems to flow effortlessly. It would make sense that in order to feel good all the time is to stay in appreciation. When you find something or someone who you can’t appreciate, what is it that keeps you from appreciating it? It’s a judgment you have, isn’t it? That’s the secret: to stay in appreciation, you have to give up judgement.

The source of the emotion is the person with the emotion.

Powerful Thoughts – Let go of the past

We have all experienced difficult situations in the past. Let them go. You did the best you could at the time. Stop beating yourself up! Release the limiting beliefs about past situations and move on. You deserve to experience a life of emotion freedom. Love yourself, so you can extend love to others. You cannot give away what you do not have. You will have no love to give away unless you’ve given love to yourself first.

It’s important to know that your thoughts create your feelings. No one else can think your thoughts, therefore you are the only one who determines how you feel. You are responsible for your own happiness. Always think happy thoughts – and be happy

Choose is the key word. Beliefs are changed by choice. Just choose a new one: “I am powerful. I can create what I want.” What you believe will determine how you experience anything that shows up. We all have control over what we choose to believe. The beliefs you hold are the main, driving force behind what you have or don’t have in your life.

In other words, the universe provides events, circumstance, sand relationships to prove to you that what you believe is true. There are numerous quotes and sayings that refer to this concept:

  • That’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  • Seek and ye shall find.
  • Knock and it shall be opened unto you.

Be sure your personal thoughts are what you want them to be!

Leslie McKerchie

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