How to Be Proactive

how to be proactiveDo you know how to be proactive? I mean we all talk about not procrastinating, but how to be proactive is an entirely different thing. Being proactive is more than just taking initiative, but being responsible for our lives.

How to be Proactive

In the simplest of terms, the word responsibility can be broken down to “response-ability” – or the ability to choose your response. Behavior is a product of a conscious choice based on values, not a product of conditions which would be based on feelings.

Here are some thoughts to help you in how to be proactive:

  • Let’s look at the alternative vs There’s nothing I can do
  • I can choose a different approach vs That’s just the way I am
  • I control my feelings vs He makes me so mad
  • I choose vs I can’t
  • I prefer vs I must
  • I will vs If only

Anytime we think the problem is ‘out there’ or something or someone else, that thought is the problem. Change your ‘have’s’ to ‘be’s’.

  • I can be more patient vs I have no patienceproactive
  • I can be wise vs If I only had my degree
  • I can be more resourceful vs If I could have more time to myself

You read all that, right? I know for myself, I get reminded time and time again that my thoughts are the key to my success. Negative Self Talk is not allowed and you should Focus on Good.

How can you start to be more proactive in your life? Change those thoughts!

Please note: This is a part of a series and the introduction can be found here.

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