Get out of your Comfort Zone

get out of your comfort zoneWhat would happen to you, your life, your business, your relationships, etc if you were to get out of your comfort zone? We get in our own way most of the time. We hold onto irrational fears, doubt ourselves, take no chances, and play it safe. They say the magic and success lies outside of your comfort zone, so isn’t it time to get out of your comfort zone? Choose excitement!

Did you know that you can measure your comfort zone? It’s a pretty accurate little test, and you can check that out here. It reported back exactly what I thought it would. I am pretty secure with my life, I need to do better with my business, and I’m no adrenaline junkie.

Get out of your comfort zone

  1. You will push and strive for goals that you never thought possible as being slightly uncomfortable will allow this to happen.
  2. You will challenge yourself and be able to perform at your peak.
  3. You will push boundaries and your comfort zone will grow.
  4. You will have an easier time dealing with unexpected change.
  5. You will try new things which will allow you to be more creative.
  6. You will be more productive.

This business is a contact sport. Not like football, but in touching and interacting with people. If you are keeping yourself in a bubble, due to fear, you must get out of your comfort zone so that you can reach the people you are intended to.

The first step is knowing when you are keeping yourself in a comfort zone. Start small, try something new – maybe a new food, maybe a new route to work, maybe a new activity, etc.

If part of your business philosophy is serving others, then be sure that you are not doing them a disservice by not sharing with them. Uncomfortable? Who cares, the worse they can do is tell you no. Focus on good.

What isĀ one thing you can do to get out of your comfort zone? Where are you standing in your own way?

Leslie McKerchie

Leslie McKerchie

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