How to Face Fears to Improve your Business

Face fears - close your eyes and step
Face fears – close your eyes and step

Did you know that 92% of fear is not real? This fact alone should provide everyone the ability to face fears. Are you able to face fears? Do you choose to ignore them? Is your business where you want it to be or will the ability to face fears propel and improve your business?

If you are able to face fears, then you will be able to improve your business. Many times we stand in our own way and allow fear to stop us in our tracks. We do not even know that it’s our own fear that is stopping us. As you learn to identify these limitations, you will be able to face fears, and step out of your comfort zone to improve your business.

Face Fears

  1. Journal – Journaling is the ultimate in accountability. I advise it to many for many different reasons. It’s a great way to be honest with yourself and allow you to begin to face fears that you are not aware of.
  2. Lean in – Once you are able to identify your fear, do not avoid it. Lean in to face fears and overcome them. As an example if you are scared of making phone calls, scared of sharing with your friends, scared of hearing the word no, scared of putting yourself out there and going for your dreams – just do it.
  3. Journal – As you lean in to face fears, be sure to journal more. Journal the things that you feel and the things that you are able to overcome.
  4. Believe in yourself – You are powerful, you simply have to believe in yourself and your ability to face fears. As you overcome fears, it will give you strength to do more.
  5. Learn something new – There is no better way to face fears than to learn something new. Something that you haven’t done before or perhaps thought you feared. Sometimes fear is simply the unknown.

I love the sentiment that you can choose either fear or excitement, it’s simply how you approach and react to it.

What would improve in your business if you face fears? Would you be able to share with more people? Would you be able to try something new? Would you be able to have the confidence in the fact that you deserve all that you dream of?

Leslie McKerchie

Leslie McKerchie

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