Cooking a Vegan Breakfast With … Sausage?

Sounds Crazy Right?

One of the biggest questions we get over the 22 combined meat free years between Leslie and I is, “Do you miss it?” The short answer is no. Then someone will follow up with, “What if you want sausage, or hamburger, or barbecue?” Again, short answer… “I don’t miss them.” When I first quit eating meat, I did miss a few things. This is pretty common for people that are experimenting with diet changes. There is a trick to this….

Discovery… Not Replacement

Whether you are experimenting with a diet change for health, or because fuzzy animals are cute, or whatever other reasons, you will find there is a lot of food to discover. When you look at “meat replacements” just know, they aren’t meat. If you go into it with the idea that you are discovering a whole new food group, you may be pleasantly surprised. The number of different spices and flavors combined to make the good ones can be pretty mind blowing. Look at the ingredient lists on the products you want to try. The really good ones will make you curious before you even open the package. Let me show you the first “sausage” that has ever done this for me.

MMMMM… “Sausage?”

Field Roast Grain Meat Company makes a bunch of cool stuff. We got the Mexican Chipotle Sausage to try in a breakfast dish. We LOVE breakfast here at This dish only has a few ingredients, and takes as much time to prepare as cutting up some veggies and potatoes and throwing it in a pan. Since the “sausage” is not meat, there is no preparation cautions like you have with pork, and no mandatory cook times. At the end of the post we will leave our impressions of the product and most importantly how it tastes!

Now…. let’s get to cooking. (Recipe Notes: Vegan, Soy Free, NOT Gluten Free)


Lets Cook it

Pre-cut all the veggies and the “sausage” how you like it. I like to dice it up like a hash/skillet. It cooks evenly and browns nicely.

Put the oil in a hot pan. We use cast iron and heat it to about 350 degrees (med/hi).

Put the “sausage” in the pan first, add veggies, and then potatoes on top. Add the salt, garlic, and Ancho Chili Spice and let it cook…. Once it is cooked like you want, take it off the heat, throw the spinach in and just stir it until it wilts. Then…….. EAT THE GOODNESS!!

Is It Good?

It is REALLY good. The “sausage” has amazing flavor. I will warn you it has a bit of spice! The texture is very good, not greasy like sausage, but still a bit meat like. It cooks very well, it doesn’t fall apart, and get this… Has 28 grams of protein per serving!!! between that and the greens, thats pretty awesome for a vegan breakfast with no soy in it. Overall I am super happy with this product and I want to try it in tacos, and some other ideas I have coming. Stay tuned!


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