About Me

Leslie McKerchie

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I started this blog so that I can share things that I’m learning as I grow my business and team with as many people that are interested.

I am very thankful for the things that I’ve learned, strive to keep learning and work on personal development, and I just want to be able to assist others in their businesses as well – even those not on my team or in my company.

My background is in training, so I enjoy sharing knowledge in many aspects. I have built my business utilizing the power of social media and attraction marketing.

I will share: Personal Development, Business Tips, Social Media Tips, and more!

I want you to LIVE your best life through:

  • Love
  • Inspiration
  • Value
  • Encouragement

If you are here and you do not have a business, I encourage you to reach out to me directly and we can see if my business would be a fit for you.

If you do have a business, then I hope that you find value in the posts and I encourage you to comment and share đŸ™‚

I look forward to sharing with all of you!

Thank you!

Please feel free to visit me on Facebook! Also, check out Dylan and I over on Music and Mascara!

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